Bridging the Gap

A collaborative approach to health that brings together rehabilitation, nutrition, training, and recovery with the idea that a person needs to perform daily and get the maximum output from their body.

Team Collaboration

Our team of multiple disciplines works together to help you achieve your goals. Our approach is simple: collaborate to give our clients the best care and experience possible.

Technology and Innovation

We use research driven technology and innovation to elevate all our recovery, rehabilitation, and training services with each of our clients.

Finding Balance

To find the medium in living a healthy life requires recovery. Our recovery services help you find that balance with the use of water, air, vibration, heat, and cold.

Our Services

our services

Discover your full potential with us.

Physical Evaluation

How do you move? What is your body telling you? Is there something you have been overlooking? The evaluation process uses a multi-dimensional approach to analyze the body in entirety and provides trackable data that allows one to work towards their goals.

Physical Therapy

What if there was a way for you to experience movement and function? What if there was a way to perform at the highest level every day? Our therapists do just that, we take your goals and what your body tells us to help you live better.

Personal Training

Forget about those days of just looking good or being strong. What you can do with your body while looking good and being strong is what matters. Everyone has to perform daily to live life, let our highly trained practitioners show you how it’s done.

Nutrition Consultation

You can never outrun poor nutrition. What you eat is just as important as what you do. Knowing how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat is exactly what our nutritionists help you understand. They make the process quite easy to put into practice.


Traditional Chinese medicine explains that health is the result of a harmonious balance of the complementary extremes of "yin" and "yang" of the life force known as "qi," pronounced "chi." Illness is said to be the consequence of an imbalance of the forces. Qi is said to flow through meridians, or pathways, in the human body. These meridiens and energy flows are accessible through 350 acupuncture points in the body.

Aquatic Therapy

The soothing flow of water combined with movement creates a beautiful approach to healing and recovering. Move like water, molding the body in every way possible, without the force of mother nature wearing you down.

Massage Therapy

Want to move better, feel lighter, and live without restriction? Massage takes your body and helps it heal in a way that allows you to do just this. Our therapists know how to move your tissue to get maximal benefit.

Compression Therapy

To function at peak levels each part of the body must perform day in and day out. Compression therapy is the technology that allows joints and tissue to heal faster than it was ever possible before.


Experience the changes in pressure at the cellular level. Pushing our bodies performance at the most basic level and creating a change in every single person is the purpose of the CVAC. Strength, endurance, mental clarity, and overall conditioning is now attainable.

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