physical evaluation

Physical Evaluation

How do you move? What is your body telling you? Is there something you have been overlooking? The evaluation process uses a multi-dimensional approach to analyze the body in entirety and provides trackable data that allows one to work towards their goals.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

What if there was a way for you to experience movement and function? What if there was a way to perform at the highest level every day? Our therapists do just that, we take your goals and what your body tells us to help you live better.

nutrition consultation

Nutrition Consultation & Coaching

You can never outrun poor nutrition. What you eat is just as important as what you do. Knowing how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat is exactly what our nutritionists help you understand. They make the process quite easy to put into practice.

massage therapy


Want to move better, feel lighter, and live without restriction? Chiropractic adjustments takes your body and helps it heal in a way that allows you to do just this. Our therapists know how to align your body to get maximal benefit. This is available only at the North Loop location.

compression therapy

Compression Therapy

To function at peak levels each part of the body must perform day in and day out. Compression therapy is the technology that allows joints and tissue to heal faster than it was ever possible before.

aquatic therapy

Aquatic Therapy

The soothing flow of water combined with movement creates a beautiful approach to healing and recovering. Move like water, molding the body in every way possible, without the force of mother nature wearing you down.


Experience the changes in pressure at the cellular level. Pushing our bodies performance at the most basic level and creating a change in every single person is the purpose of the CVAC. Strength, endurance, mental clarity, and overall conditioning is now attainable.

Client Testimonials

“I would not be walking without the dedication, care and knowledge of Parth and his staff. He listens to concerns and truly cares for his patients. He works with family members as well, so during the days between therapy, you stay on the path to healing. I have a long way to recovery, but know that with his skills, dedication, and knowledge, I will not only recover but be much stronger that was ever thought possible. One on one care, knowledgeable caring staff, and ease of appointments, are all found here at Polygon HQ.”
Catherine M.
“Thanks so much to Polygon for giving me my life back! I can truly look forward to my 65th birthday. I think physical therapy is a hidden gem that we truly can’t live a quality of life without. We go to the dentist, we get our mammogram, our well woman’s check up, the eye doctor. Why we neglect our physical frame we have depend on to serve us ,and also depend on to help others ,and serve us throughout our careers. We neglect to service our physical frame, yet we get an oil change to keep our car engines operating properly. It should be a part of our health checkups. It is that important! There’s a difference in just surviving and living. Polygon thank you for giving me my quality of life back!!!”
Sharon C.
“This man knows his stuff! I hurt my shoulder lifting weights and he fixed me within less than a week! My workouts are so much better pain free and my mobility has never been better. I highly recommend him for any of your physical therapy needs. Thanks again.”
Josh N.
“Great services for my parents who they are in almost 70 and up. My dad feels much better with his back pain . He is able to walk and do routines. Back surgery didn’t work well but Therapy worked great for him. My mom is able to walk and faster recovery after knee replacement surgery. Thank you Polygon HQ.”
Sima P.

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